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"I love parenthood but I also love my job. My struggle is with the emotional and mental capacity of juggling the two. It‚Äôs a really difficult thing to balance and get just right without guilt piling on from neglecting either side, or not giving either party ‚Äúenough‚ÄĚ of me."

Sally, Parent in Conversation with From Another

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The Reset LIVE

Would you like to feel more confident that you can manage your career alongside your parenting?

The Reset LIVE is a bracing and uplifting online experience where you develop the mindset and skillsets to transform your relationship with work, ditch the guilt and feel more confident as you combine your career with your parenting.

It takes place over 6 weeks with customised options for your circumstances and industry. You get 24 bitesize audios, practical take-aways, 6 live sessions, a supportive community and a tonne of inspiration, knowledge and honest conversations. 

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Starting 10 May 2024

Week 1 - Getting to Know Each Other

Week 2 - Transform Your Relationship With Work

BREAK - Half Term Week 

Week 3 - Boundaries and Paradoxes 

Week 4 - Ditch the Guilt

Week 5 - Embracing Compromise

Week 6 - Confidence and the Future

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