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Hi, I’m Jess, CEO and Founder at From Another.

When I left my role as a director in a large corporate, I looked for somewhere I could do the work I loved and meet my needs and priorities outside of work. 

I couldn't find it.  So I created From Another. 

Our skills development programmes enable individuals and businesses to build trust, navigate uncertainty and reset ways of working.

So that businesses and individuals can thrive.

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“I thought I was coming to the standard professional development programme.  And yes, there are modules.  But in little more than an hour a week, you have completely changed the way I think which has made my return to work much easier to navigate."



Everything we thought we knew about work has changed.

Concepts that have lasted for over a century about how employers incentivise and motivate employees, what constitutes a career and defines personal success are no longer fit for purpose. 

Whether it’s Gen Z wanting to work in organisations that align with their personal motivation and values. Or highly experienced people in their 50s, 60s and 70s wanting or needing work which is fulfilling but less demanding. Or people moving into key roles in the business at the same time as they become parents or take on greater caring responsibilities.  

Every team in every business is having to rewrite the rules about how people work, where and when they work, how they are compensated and incentivised and where the line between work and home is drawn.

The answer to these challenges isn’t the 4-day week or a dog-friendly office.

The answer lies in expanding the capacity of every person in an organisation to connect, adapt and innovate through new mindsets, attitudes and behaviours. 

From Another gives you the skills you need to shape the solutions you want.  Don't wait, don't leave it to chance and certainly don't leave it to anyone else.

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Frictionless Flexibility #1

How to balance the needs of employees and managers.

Why simply offering flexible work isn't enough.

How to balance the needs of all stakeholders by building trust in the workplace.

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