We're making work brilliant.

By turning stories into data and new solutions.

And delivering online courses and listening programmes for parents and managers in any organisation.

Our multidisciplinary team puts independent, research-led and unbiased expertise - in the palm of your hand. 

See the change.  Be the change.  Learn from one another.

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The Reset LIVE

The Reset is an online course for parents who want to transform their relationship with work, ditch the guilt and feel more confident as they combine their career with their parenting.

"In just 15 minutes a day, you helped me revisit my motivation at work and refocus my energy at home"

"You have completely changed the way I think"

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Online l 6 weeks l Starts 10 May* l £89

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*We'll take a break for half term week.

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The Navigator LIVE

The Navigator is a research-led online course where managers develop the mindset and skillsets to tackle the real-world challenges that occur in diverse and flexible teams.

The Navigator takes place over 6 weeks. Managers get 21 bitesize audios, practical take-aways, 6 live sessions, and a supportive community to help them hone their leadership capabilities while giving their teams the support they need.

"You've given me tools I'll come back to again and again as the needs of my team change" 

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Online l 6 weeks l Starts 13 September l £149

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Listening Programmes

Our Listening Programmes move you beyond the anecdotes in your organisation to independent, validated data to inform your decision making.

We combine online surveys and 1:1 conversations with our multidisciplinary analysis to bring you clear, actionable findings.

The Do Flex Well Listening Programme explores the impact of flexible work in your organisation.  

The Parent & Thrive Listening Programme explores to what extent parents are thriving in your organisation.

From £3750.

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To get started...

Book your 30 minute onboarding call to make the final adjustments to your Listening Programme.

Work through your Launch Pack which gives you everything you need to maximise engagement.

Review your uptake reporting.

And leave the rest to us.

People Participating...

Are guaranteed confidentiality and anonymity.

Can share as much or as little as they like.

Have the option to share their story in more detail.

Can explore the latest data and thinking on the topic.

We will:

Administer 5 minute surveys for up to 2 audiences and do in depth 1:1s.

Analyse results against 2 demographic parameters.

Complete your tailored report, including  2 prioritised actions.

Answer all your questions in your 1hr review call.

Customised Solutions

What do you want to change and improve?

Tailor a course or a Listening Programme to meet the specific needs and circumstances of your business or industry.

Case Study 1: Media Cymru wanted to address the challenges faced by parents in the creative sector with a tailored Reset Course. 

We reviewed all the available data, and developed a customised module and programme for parents in the sector.

Case Study 2: One of the largest employers in the UK wanted to understand how they could better support parents in their organisation.

We combined the latest academic research with our cutting-edge insight to craft a fully customised Listening Programme and brought the business independent, validated data and recommendations.

From £25k+VAT.

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About Us

We are an award-winning research and training company with a mission to make work brilliant.

Working with parents, managers and employers, our multidisciplinary team brings you independent, research-led and unbiased expertise - in the palm of your hand. 

Every survey response and every story shared helps us better understand the fundamental barriers that make it hard for people and businesses the thrive.  And most importantly - the tools and solutions you need to overcome them.

It all began with a phone call in September 2018.  CEO and Founder, Jess Lancashire had a 20 year corporate career under her belt and 2 babies in her arms.  Even with great policies, committed leaders and supportive colleagues, it was clear she could no longer combine the work she loved, with the needs of her young family and life as a military spouse.  And the rest, as they say, is history. 

Picture: CEO & Founder, Jess talking at the LAUNCH conference - she'd love to come and talk at your event!

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Be the change. See the change. Learn from one another.