The Reset Live 

We help parents and carers in your organisation to transform their relationship with work in just 15 minutes a day.

Tailored skills development for the parents in your team.

The Reset is a bracing and uplifting online experience where people develop the mindset and skillsets to transform their relationship with work, ditch the guilt and feel more confident as they combine their career with their parenting.

The Reset covers 5 modules over 7 weeks.  There are 24 bitesize audios, practical take-aways, live sessions, an alumni community and a tonne of inspiration, knowledge and honest conversations.

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Starting 10 May 2024

Week 1 - Getting to Know Each Other

Week 2 - Transform your relationship with work

BREAK - Half Term Week 

Week 3 - Boundaries and Paradoxes 

Week 4 - Ditch the Guilt

Week 5 - Embracing Compromise

Week 6 - Confidence and the Future

PLUS 1 year of free Alumni membership

"The Reset was a space for me to reflect and fully identify what my challenges are. It's so easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of life and not even take the time to understand why you're struggling."

- Peter, Reset Alumni

Meet Our May 2024 host

Jess Lancashire


The CEO and Founder of From Another and your guide through The May 2024 Reset course. With over 20 years of experience in prominent organisations including the NHS and AstraZeneca, Jess understands the challenges of flexible work first-hand. Transitioning from a Director role to full-time parenting led her to establish From Another in 2022, driven by a vision to reimagine flexible work for one million families by 2030. Jess is dedicated to creating empathetic and productive work environments that cater to the needs of individuals, managers, and leaders alike. Join Jess on the next Reset course now.

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