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"The difficulty is knowing when to be fair. Knowing when to give people trust, and when hold them accountable. "

Peter - Manager, in conversation with From Another

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The Navigator LIVE


Starting 13th September 2024

Week 1 - Navigating the Evolving Workplace

Week 2 - Unpacking Your Management Challenges 

Week 3 - Foundations of Supportive Workplaces

Week 4 - Your Sphere of Influence

Week 5 - Aligning Expectations

Week 6 - Embracing the Future of Work

PLUS 1 year of free Alumni membership

Would you like the tools to make it easier to manage flexible teams and support working parents?   

The Navigator is a research-led online course where managers develop the mindset and skillsets to tackle the real-world challenges that occur in diverse and flexible teams.

The course takes place over 6 weeks. You get 21 bitesize audios, practical take-aways and tools, and 6 live sessions where our experts are ready to answer all your questions. 

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The Reset LIVE

Tailored skills development for the parents in your team.

The Reset Live is a bracing and uplifting online course where parents develop the mindset and skillsets to transform their relationship with work; for themselves and those around them.

The Reset takes place over 6 weeks with options to customise based on circumstances and industry. Your team will get 24 bitesize audios, practical take-aways, 6 live sessions, a supportive community and a tonne of inspiration, knowledge and honest conversations. 

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Starting 10 May 2024

Week 1 - Getting to Know Each Other

Week 2 - Transform Your Relationship With Work

BREAK - Half Term Week 

Week 3 - Boundaries and Paradoxes 

Week 4 - Ditch the Guilt

Week 5 - Embracing Compromise

Week 6 - Confidence and the Future

PLUS 1 year of free Alumni membership

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